Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A few weeks ago I told you about Faye. She really has a heart for serving the Lord but because of her health she doesn't get out much. We recently had our missions conference at our church and she wanted to be able to increase her giving to missions. She shared with me that she had said to her husband "How can I make any money when I am stuck in this house?"

Last year Faye had been to physical therapy for a neck problem. On her final visit she had taken the workers some pecan tarts for a thank you gift. (Remember I told you she is a great cook?) Last week the doctor had to send her back to physical therapy. One of the therapist praised her for the pecan tarts and asked if he could pay her to make him some. He also wanted to know what else she could make and ordered some other things as well!

Faye could not wait to tell me how God is using her kitchen as a means for her to give to missions! And so my friends, God encouraged Faye and Faye encouraged me by sharing His faithfulness to her. The amount of money she will give is not the issue here. The fact that a loving God has made Himself real in Faye's life is priceless.

What a wonderful God we serve! Don't hesitate to tell others how the Lord has worked in your life. This story has been repeated by me to others several times this week as a way of encouraging them. Each time I told it, it prompted them to tell me how God is working in their lives as well.


Amy said...

Love it! God is faithful!!

Unknown said...

He is faithful and gives us what we need when we need it. This is great.

Laura said...

Very encouraging.
Stopping by from Kelly's. Nice to "meet" you.