Friday, June 22, 2012


I can't believe that I have two grandchildren in their teens! My grandson recently got his driving permit and he and I have already taken a drive together with him behind the wheel! Where did the time go? A few short years ago he was in the "Peter Pan," "Davy Crockett," "Pirate" phases of a little boys life and now he is driving a car, playing sports and discussing life's challenges with me. Every opportunity I get, I encourage him through the difficult days of transitioning into adulthood. Anything that I can offer him to read to help avoid pitfalls, I will share with him.

I just re-read Dr. James Dobsons book: "Life On The Edge" with Grant in mind. I plan to give this book to him because it is a wonderfully written, practical guide for young people entering what Dobson calls "the critical decade" between 16 and 26 years of age. He addresses such things as vocation, colleges, lifelong love, money, power and other things that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

I highly recommend this to anyone going into this decade of their life or to parents and grandparents of these young adults. We must be pro-active in the lives of our young ones to prepare them for the future. I am so thankful to Dr. Dobson for this priceless contribution to future generations.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Everyone needs an Onesiphorus in their life. Onesiphorus was a man that was a true friend to the Apostle Paul. We read about him in II Timothy 1:16-18. Listen to what Paul said about him: "he oft refreshed me," "was not ashamed of my chain," "he sought me out diligently," he ministered many things unto me."

I have an Onesiphorus in my life. She has had a few pastor's wives in her life and continues to offer them her love and friendship when she is no longer in their church. One of them lives in another State but comes to visit often. On her recent visit, my husband commented to me that she really likes to come here to visit this friend. We concluded that it must be because it refreshes her to have this person for a friend.

I am thankful that this modern-day Onesiphorus has offered friendship to me, her current pastor's wife, as well as to the previous ones. She is kind and thoughtful and has the grace of God on her life. Everyone can use an Onesiphorus in their life. Not only do we need one, we need to be one for someone else.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today is the 90th birthday of my dear mother-in-law! It is also the wedding day of my sweet niece Victoria. I have been sitting here praying for them this morning and thinking of their lives on this earth. One is starting a new phase of her life, the other is winding down hers. I remember the details of how God brought Victoria into our family. I was with my sister when we brought her home from the hospital. What a thrilling time that was for all of us! I also remember the details of first meeting my mother-in-law and how she blessed and impacted my life forever.

Its good to reflect back on days like this. It helps us to realize how very precious time is and how quickly it disappears. May God help us to realize the value of the people He has placed together in families on this earth. We should not waste time being at odds or in conflict with each other. Think about the people in your life. Do you treasure them and nurture your relationships with them? They are the only thing we can take with us to Heaven.