Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Everyone needs an Onesiphorus in their life. Onesiphorus was a man that was a true friend to the Apostle Paul. We read about him in II Timothy 1:16-18. Listen to what Paul said about him: "he oft refreshed me," "was not ashamed of my chain," "he sought me out diligently," he ministered many things unto me."

I have an Onesiphorus in my life. She has had a few pastor's wives in her life and continues to offer them her love and friendship when she is no longer in their church. One of them lives in another State but comes to visit often. On her recent visit, my husband commented to me that she really likes to come here to visit this friend. We concluded that it must be because it refreshes her to have this person for a friend.

I am thankful that this modern-day Onesiphorus has offered friendship to me, her current pastor's wife, as well as to the previous ones. She is kind and thoughtful and has the grace of God on her life. Everyone can use an Onesiphorus in their life. Not only do we need one, we need to be one for someone else.

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