Thursday, April 19, 2012


Not everyone has had the privilege of growing up in a godly home. I believe it is the single most important thing you can give to your children on this earth. Having said that, I also believe that God knows all about our parents and other ancestry and is able to use all of it for His honor and glory. Consider Ruth and Rahab as well as others that did not have a godly heritage but were a part of beginning one.

I heard someone say yesterday "You can't do anything about your ancestors but you can do something about your descendants." How encouraging is that? If you haven't come from a Christian heritage, it's very encouraging! If men and women would only get a grasp of what it means to rear their children and lead their families in the ways of the Lord! Sometimes pastor's can only watch as fathers and/or mothers decide to "check out" and go the way of the world. By that I mean they just let whatever will be take place regardless of the outcome on their homes.

If we don't intentionally cultivate a godly home, it simply won't exist. We have to be diligent in our daily life and tend to our families like a well-planned garden, weeding and planting accordingly. I love to see God start a work in a Christian's life, be it the mother or the father, and watch as they begin a godly heritage for their children and grandchildren.

If mothers and fathers would sit down with their children and ask them what kind of home they'd like to be a part of, I'm sure what they'd hear from their own children would redirect their thinking. What child does not want the peace and security that comes when a father leads his family spiritually and the mother supports him and encourages her children in the ways of the Lord?

The same way that one person can begin a godly heritage, it can also be stopped cold by one person that decides to go another path. If pastors could "fix" people's lives and homes he would. All that he can do is preach the word and pray that the Holy Spirit of God will do a work in people's hearts. Is yours a godly heritage? If not why not begin one now. If you have given up on yours, ask God to set you back on the right path before its too late.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I had a conversation with my pastor/husband last night about a comment someone made to me that caused me to question plans I had made for a series of women's meetings coming up in the future. He very wisely reminded me that anyone in leadership just forges ahead with the plans made not re-thinking everything because of a single comment someone made without thinking.

He then shared with me how difficult it is at times to study, prepare himself and plan events for our ministry, and have no "positive" feedback or excitement from those surrounding him. He has to wonder if he is the only one excited about the work we are called to here. I was really convicted when he said he keeps a note in his Bible to encourage him before he speaks. That note is from a spirit-filled sunday school teacher that shared their excitement about what God is doing in their class and their personal life. That small amount of encouragement has to be spread thin.

I often take it for granted that my pastor/husband needs to be encouraged. It's easy for me to forget because he does love his work and the life God has given him. Everyone gets weary when enthusiasm wanes around them. I can't imagine having the health challenges that he has and never complaining! I have observed in him an amazing strength that is not of this world.

Ask God to renew your fervor for the place where you serve. Be careful that you don't grow weary in well-doing whether you are a bus driver, teacher, nursery worker or hold any other position in the church.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


One of the most difficult things a pastor's wife deals with is jokes or heartbreaking stories of fallen pastors or their children that have made sinful choices. The Christians reaction to sinful choices that destroy lives should be one of grief and sadness for those left in the wake of sin. I have heard other Christians repeat these stories in my presence, without regard that my husband is a pastor himself.

When people share such stories with others they are causing more damage and also setting themselves up to be the next victim. Scripture instructs us in Galations 6:1 to "restore" those that have wrecked their lives. My study bible states that the word restore is used when speaking of mending fish nets or of people mending their ways, bringing a person back to his former moral condition. The word is used in the secular Greek for setting broken bones, which has to be done "gently." The grievous and sensitive wounds caused by sin must be handled delicately. Unfortunately, in today's churches, we shoot the wounded and repeat the story to many others, leaving behind what looks like the aftermath of a tsunami for others to clean up.

If and when we hear of these things, we should immediately cry out to God on behalf of the wounded family. I'm talking sackcloth and ashes here, not "Lord bless these people." I refuse to stereotype pastor's children and believe that they are destined to be wayward. I did not let my children grow up with that mentality, in fact, I expected the opposite to be true. I prayed for them ( and still do) and tried to give them a normal life within the confines of a Christian home.

Why not love and encourage the pastor and his family? Create an environment that they feel they can be a part of without being watched for any wrong move. Rearing children is not easy for anyone. Let's not put impossible expectations on mere humans. Teach them to please God and all else will fall into place.

Don't be caught off guard. All Christians homes have a target on their back and the enemy is relentless. He will do what he can to hurt the name of Christ. "Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." (JA. 5:16)