Sunday, December 11, 2011

Break up the fallow ground

Today is Sunday and the sermon this morning came from the book of Hosea. Our Pastor is burdened for revival to come to our church. I pray that it begins with me. We now see a "famine" in our land. It is a spiritual famine which is much more difficult to deal with than a physical famine. We are a blessed country and however wonderful that is, it has its pitfalls. Some of the signs of that famine include: a lack of faithfulness, a high tolerance for sin, a love for entertainment above a passion for God and a numbness that keeps the altars empty.History has shown us that God has to send a revival every 3rd generation or so because our human tendency is to forget Him and to become so self-reliant that we don't recognize our need of HIm. This past week I had to listen to a grandmother pour her heart out to me over a situation in her family that only God would be able to change. It was so heartbreaking that she and I just cried together and poured our hearts out to God for mercy .
How can people live without His grace in their miserable lives? Dear friend, ask God to start a revival in your heart and to break up the fallow ground that typifies our churches today.

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