Monday, December 12, 2011

Needy People

On any given Sunday I find myself pondering the needs and heartaches of those I am surrounded by. The plain truth is that we are all needy people. Those needs are part of what keeps us coming back to Him. When we say we have no need, we are the neediest of all. Pastors wives are also needy. Thats because we are human. I am always aware of just how frail I am! And don't think the old enemy himself doesn't remind me of that. I have gone to fellowship meetings for Pastors and their wives longing for the opportunity to just "be myself" and found myself among the wounded and needy. They too, are longing for the comfort of friendship from someone that cares. Walking into a fellowship meeting is like walking into a clinic. Many people, many needs.
Over the years God has used these occasions to draw me to Him. Lest I sound too pious, let me say it's a never-ending process. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I am still a Pastors wife. But most of all I am His child. I want to serve Him and I want to be anointed with "fresh oil" so I am ready to be used to encourage someone else. I would also like to add that God uses a few people along the way to encourage me. They are those who are faithful no matter what, growing in the Lord and realize that I am a sinner saved by grace.C.S. Lewis said it best: "Think of me as a fellow patient in the same hospital who, having been admitted a little earlier, could give some advice."

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