Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We live in a fast changing, challenging, and sometimes very chaotic world. It's becoming difficult to watch world or even local news without becoming overwhelmed. If we listen to others talking about what they've seen or heard, conversations become very intense. And what about those conversations we have with others about ordinary day-to-day living? Those can also be overwhelming and difficult because life is hard, is it not?

Whatever I experience, hear others are experiencing, or see happening around the world, I take myself back to that very solid place in my life from which everything else must be viewed. That place is my "reference point". It is the very core of my life. It is the exact moment in time when I became a Christian. I was 16 years old. I began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at that time.

The change in my life was so great that it grounded me. God placed people in my life to encourage me and be an example for me to pattern my life after. Many trials have come and gone since then, but He has never failed me. I have not always responded correctly but the Lord has been patient with me.

Thank the Lord, I have some absolutes in my life to go back to:

God has provided me a Savior to be my guide through life.
He loves me more than anyone, even when I'm unloveable.
He has given us His Word, the Bible, to teach us about Himself.
I can go to Him anytime, night or day, without an appointment or middle-man.
He cares about my every need and has always provided for me.

These are only a few of my "absolutes". No matter what happens in my life, I have that reference point to go back to. Without Jesus we will flounder through life. He has made us for Himself, nothing else will satisfy. What is your reference point? Is it your physical birth only, or is it your spiritual birth? Make sure you have Him as your personal Savior. What a great time of year! Christmas, the day that God became a man to provide a Savior for the world.


Clodie said...

Ms Denise I really enjoying reading your post, they are very encouraging.

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