Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today is my sixtieth birthday! I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am. I have never had a birthday impact me this way before. It has been an emotional week for me. We heard of the home going of a pastor our son served under in Florida. He was "only" 56. I have also been impacted by news of great heartache in a church in our country that has impacted so many.

I began this day by writing down 60 things that I am grateful for. When I finished my gratitude list God immediately gave me the song "Great is Thy Faithfulness." That song alone was my birthday gift from the heart of my Lord! Listen to this list of things we are blessed with when we know the Lord:

Pardon for sin
A peace that endureth
His presence to cheer and guide us
Strength for today
Bright hope for tomorrow
More than ten thousand blessings
All my needs provided
Great faithfulness
New mercies every morning
His compassions never cease
He never changes

Can you sing with me "Great is Thy Faithfulness?" I am singing it loud and clear in my study right now and if you see me around town today you may hear that song coming from my heart. What a blessed person I am, to receive a birthday song from the Lord to me! Sixty may be my best birthday yet!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! Love you so much!

Julie said...

60 never looked so good :)

cal said...

Denise I just wrote to my Mom, Dawn and daughters about being grateful for them being Prov 31 ladies. If it wasn't for you and Pastor that would not be the case. We love you so much for connecting us to Jesus. Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Just from reading your post you are a beautiful lady from the outside in.

I love it when God gives me a song in my heart!! Thanks for your post, they are encouraging. Tracey