Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My husband came home from church last Sunday and made the comment that "Faye had the smile of heaven on her face!" This past Sunday he said to me "She is such a sweet soul!" I heartily agreed on both comments. Who is she? She is a very petite 5 foot tall woman in her late seventies. She is also a type I diabetic and has been unable to stabilize it this past year even though she is very diligent about her diet. She also loves her pastor and her church. She is a constant encouragement though she is unable to attend very often now. She is a wonderful cook and ever-ready to take a meal to others who are sick.

I recently spent a morning with her to learn how to make one of her specialty dishes. She was all smiles when I arrived. She updated me on her family, showing me pictures and sharing prayers that had been answered on their behalf this past year. She once again told me how she met her husband and travelled the world with his military career and their five children in tow. Wherever she lived, she was involved in ministry.

What does Faye have to smile about? She is unable to be involved in church now. She doesn't get out for fellowship with others and most of her family lives away. She simply walks with God. She has nurtured her relationship with Him since a young woman and found that He is trustworthy. She also told me they had been considering an assisted living facility but decided against it when told they would lose control of their finances. She said they would not even be able to give their tithe to the Lord. She was willing to give up her home and her independence but not the tithe that belonged to the Lord.

What a great woman of faith! Most people retreat at this point in life. We surrender to the flesh and hide in our homes! May the Lord help us to be strong women of faith, like Faye.

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NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful story about this sweet woman. I pray that God blesses her and that her health issues can be resolved.