Thursday, January 5, 2012


We recently had dinner with a retired pastor and his wife. In our conversation, the subject of church members who are unfaithful came up. He could see by our countenances that he had touched a painful spot in our hearts. He then made this comment: "It's hard not to take it personal, isn't it?"

Leading a congregation of people is a lot more involved than standing up and reading some type of sermon. There are hours of studying and seeking the Lord for direction about what he should preach. There is also the counselling of needy people, performing weddings and funerals,(sometimes for people you don't know), taking care of the business side and administrative duties as well of running a corporation.

When the pastor stands before his congregation and sees many of them missing week after week, of course he takes it personal. It is similar to how we women would feel if we prepared a fabulous meal, decorated the table, lit the candles, and some of the family decided not to come! The reason is that he cares about them. He looks forward to seeing them from one service to another. He also knows it is an indication of how they feel about their church.

God also takes it personal. He has instructed us to meet together often. He places a high value on faithfulness. People who come faithfully are there because they want to be. People who don't come much are saying by there actions that they don't want to be there. Thankfully, there are those who encourage their pastor by faithfully being present unless they are really unable to be there.

Many times pastors will stay for a few years at a church and then leave. He may pastor several churches in his lifetime, having a short "honeymoon" at each church. Pastor's wives' have to encourage their husbands to stay the course no matter what. God' s grace is sufficient to keep us going, come what may. It is so good to look back over 28 years in one church and see how God has kept us through it all.

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NanaDiana said...

Amen, Denise! You covered this subject in a beautiful manner- xo Diana