Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I was standing behind a very young couple in the grocery store and couldn't help but notice they looked as if they had gotten out of bed, into the car and come to the store without even combing their hair. You've seen it too. Everywhere we go, people look as if they are in pajamas. I love to look at old movies just to see what people wore when they went out in public. I am old enough to remember people dressed clean and neat to go anywhere outside of their homes.

It does matter how we present ourselves in public. It is a reflection of what is going on in our heads and in our personal lives. If we look "messy," our homes may be messy. If our clothes are unkept, our laundry probably is not done. I never wanted my husband or children to be embarrassed by the way I looked or our home looked. We are also a reflection of how our husband is caring for us. It doesn't take a lot of money or effort to dress nice and do our hair and makeup.

There are women in our church who are well into their senior years and are a great example to us younger ones. They still clean up, dress up, and make up to go anywhere. I have the privilege of discipling one of these women and she is a joy to look at. My mother is 85 yrs old and still cares about her skin and her appearance.

A few years ago I attended a funeral of a woman in her seventies. I met one of her eleven children! She told me that her mother always came to breakfast dressed for the day, with hair and makeup done. She also said her mother's house was always in order and she never had dirty dishes in the sink. Now THAT'S impressive!

Ladies, take a good look at yourself. Would you want to be seen in public with someone that looks like you do at this time in your life? We serve a God that created a beautiful world for us to look at. It can bring Him great pleasure to see us (His greatest creation) care about how we look.


NanaDiana said...

I had a wonderful Aunt. One of the things she said to me (many times) when I was young was to get up,shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair, put on my "face" (that was lipstick and powder-and still is for me) and make my bed. She said then that no matter what he day handed me I would feel good about myself. I have followed that my whole life. Once in a while I will sit in my nightie and watch the news and drink coffee but, other than that, I am ready to go.

It is important how we dress, I think. I think it also influences the amount of respect we garner in public. One of the things I read a while ago said that if you walk into a car dealership like you could buy the place (dressed up and clean) you would get a much better deal without all the hassle and that the man who walked in looking like he could barely afford to be there paid a much higher price for the same vehicle. I thought that was interesting. Blessings- Diana

NanaDiana said...
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Julie said...

A wise woman once (actually many times) told me to never go out without my lipstick. And trust me-I never do! :)

Elise said...

This is interesting, but I have to say that I disagree in some ways. I often run to the store in sweat pants, but my home is very neat and organized. I think a lot of women are taught that their appearance gives them value, and my concern is that this post reinforces those ideas. While I'm sure that people are treated differently based on their appearance, I also think there are thousands of women who feel so insecure that they are prisoners to make-up and fancy clothes. It's odd to tell someone to put their "face on", when make-up actually hides their real face.

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

What an encouragement! I am a pastor's wife of 3 years, and could sure use the help and encouragement from ladies who have stayed the course. My husband and I are graduates of Crown, and live in the Canadian Rockies. The Lord brought us here to start Hinton Baptist Church; we have been in Canada for five years. You can visit my blog at

This was a great post! I find that my day goes better, I get lots more accomplished, and I think I even make better food choices when I fix up:) Thanks for the great advice:)