Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have been thinking about the story of Hagar in Genesis 16. We have a tendency to focus on one aspect of a story in the Bible and miss some of the details that make all the difference. We do the same thing in our own lives. We look at one aspect of a situation and forget that God is in the details and that they matter very much to Him. Some interesting things to note in this story: when Hagar fled into the wilderness God appeared unto her, He told her to name her son Ishmael which means "God hears." She called the name of The Lord: "Thou God seest me."

We see later in the story that God came and spoke to her again in the wilderness when she thought all was hopeless. He provided for her and her son and showed her He had not forgotten her. All of us have had those wilderness times where we felt forgotten and unnecessary. It's wonderful to know that God sees us and is in all the details that make up our lives. What are you struggling with right now? Don't miss the point: God is in the details. That should give us a certain measure of peace. Take time right now and let go of the burdens weighing you down and allow God to take care of the details.

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Mimi Bonikowsky said...

How wonderful to know that God hears and sees us always.