Monday, July 16, 2012


Have you noticed in recent years that people live their lives according to how they "feel?" Sunday morning, before church, I got into a conversation with a woman about the length of my husband's sermons. She was very adamant in saying that he is preaching about ten minutes longer because "he is feeling better." I told her he never preaches according to how he feels or he may not be there at all! She refused to accept that even though I live with the man 24/7 and know for a fact nothing he does has anything to do with his feelings! (It was really a light-hearted conversation and we both were laughing about the fact that we didn't agree at all.)

It is easy to get into the pattern of considering one's feelings when going about our daily life. The world caters to people that live by their feelings. Advertising, entertainment, restaurants, all things that involve pampering ourselves, direct us toward the mindset that we should do whatever we "feel" like doing....or not! Does the word "impulsive" come to mind?

The Bible gives us many examples as to how to live our lives outside of the realm of feelings. Let me give you some to start your mind rolling: Daniel, just a teen when taken into captivity, yet he determined not to live by his feelings but according to his convictions. Esther, a young woman given a request that could cost her not only her life but the lives of countless others. Compare these young ones with our teens today! The difference is the thought of living by feelings wasn't an option. As for Daniel, we also see him as an old man in the lions den that still had not wavered!

I have to admit that I have also struggled with feelings. I used to count that as a strong point of mine but now I know for a fact that it is not. The enemy has been relentless of late, insisting that perhaps the path I chose to follow so many years ago has not counted for much. The ministry has never been easy but recent years have gotten harder as the world has become so much more prominent in the lives of professing Christians. There are times when I ask myself "What difference does it make?" The reason for this onslaught of thoughts has been an unusual amount of counseling recently. People want to do what feels good and not what is right. After awhile it wears you down.

What do we do when we feel overwhelmed by the urge to live by our "feelings?" We do exactly what Daniel did and that is to purpose in our hearts that we will not give in to ourselves! We go back to the Bible and we encourage ourselves in the Lord. We remember what He has done for us and where we have come from. We reflect on His goodness and review past victories and think about the joy that awaits us when we meet Him on that day and anxiously await to hear Him say "WELL DONE!" That was my goal so many years ago and it is my goal today.

"He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength." (Isaiah 40:29).